26 Little Things That You Can Do If You’re Feeling A Little Down

If you’re worried that you may be depressed, or if nothing seems to help make you feel better, you should consider talking to a doctor or mental health professional.

1. Take a deep breathe. If you feel like you’re losing control, it can help calm you down to focus on your own breathing.

2. Talk with somebody else about what’s going on in their life. Hearing about what’s happening to others may help you tune out a bit and offer a little perspective on your own issues.

3. Spend some time with a pet. Whether it’s yours, or someone else’s, petting an animal can really help improve your mood.

4. Watch your favorite TV show. It’s a great distraction.

5. Take care of some plants. Water them, trim their leaves, repot them in fresh soil… it can feel empowering to nurture something, but it’s also nice to connect with nature, even if it’s in a small way.

6. Drink a glass of water. You might be dehydrated. When was the last time you drank a glass of water just for the sake of drinking it?

7. Listen to white noise. If you’re feeling over-stimulated, white noise–like the sound of falling rain–can help you concentrate on something else, or ignore what you’re trying to ignore for a little while.

8. Take a different route home. It’s an easy way to get out of your routine, and you might find something new along the way.

9. Put on your favorite article of clothing. It could be your comfy pajamas, or your sequined jacket … what’s most important is that it makes you feel really good.

10. Make a playlist with the songs that you loved as a teenager, and enjoy the nostalgia.

11. Or watch music videos that you used to love as a teenager, and that haven’t really seen since.

12. Make your bed. It’s a simple activity, and it doesn’t demand too much, but it can help make the atmosphere much cozier and tidy.

13. Read a book. Get lost in someone else’s story.

14. Or read a magazine. Or a comic book.

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