Why Focusing on Your Strengths is the Best Philosophy


If you’re not achieving the results you want from everything you do, it’s time to ask yourself:

Are you focusing on the right things? Is your energy and focus divided? Do you know what your strengths are?

  • Focusing on too many things at once will not enable you to achieve your best results.

    1. More important than that is to ensure that your focus is on what you do best, this is when you will do your best work and get your best results.
  • Positive Psychology

    1. Martin Seligman, of Positive Psychology, says that for a person to be truly happy and live a meaningful life, that person must recognize their personal strengths and use these strengths for the greater good.
    2. We should time trying to figure out our personal strengths and not waste our valuable time and life doing jobs that don’t please us and take us away from doing what we were made to do.

TIP: focus on your strength and stop wasting time on other things.


  • Pareto Principle

    1. Shows how filtering what you focus on can help towards more success. The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule is widely recognized as a principle which holds true in many facets of life.

TIP: apply this principle to your whole life, if you were to focus solely on what you do best just imagine the results.

  1. Happiness is the New Productivity

    1. Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of MindValley, says that “happiness is the new productivity”.
    2. Being in a state of flow or extreme creativity will magnify the impact of everything you do.
    3. You must have goals, but your happiness must not be tied to these goals. You must be happy in the now


TIP: do what makes you happy and you will create a state of flow which will bring to you everlasting success.


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