This Simple Trick Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


  1. The power of small steps s not to be underestimated.
  2. Habits are amazing for making chore-like tasks into natural, semi-automatic behaviors.


  3. A normal goal aims to motivate you by some combination of challenges and promised results. We like to complete challenges, and we like nice results. The problem is that we tend to overestimate our ability.
  4. Attempting to reach a goal above your ability in the short-term requires you to fight your subconscious mind, which is your current way of living.
  5. When you experience inner resistance, it’s because your habitual preference is to do something else.
  6. Study shows that it takes our brain less time to adopt smaller behaviors as habits than larger ones, suggesting that the brain more readily accepts and parses easier behaviors. So striving for more modest but consistent forward progress may be easier for your subconscious to accept, and could help change it over time to align with your conscious interests.


  7. It may seem laughable but for a higher success rate and a chance to change your brain, why not try a mini habit? Read two pages in a book per day. Write 50 words per day. Do one push-up per day. Pull one weed in your garden per day.…

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