The first thing I do every morning when I get to my office is make an action list for the day.

Quickly describe your morning routine.

I wake up between 5:50 AM and 6:00 AM. I won’t lie, I hit the snooze button once for an extra five minutes.
When I get up, I instantly grab a bottle of water that I leave on my nightstand.
I’ve made a conscious effort to drink water in the morning. I also grab my phone and turn on a podcast.
I like to listen to podcasts when I’m getting ready as I feel it sets my day up for success.
I listen to MyTaughtYou or Behind the Brilliance. After my water, I freshen up and put on my outfit of the day.
I spend most of the time after that sitting at my vanity, taking my time with hair and makeup – it’s therapeutic for me.
I then grab my bag and pre-made lunch from the refrigerator and head out of the door.

How often do you change your morning routine?

My routine varies every couple of days. Some days, I watch the news instead of listening to a podcast.
Other days, I may make tea while I’m getting dressed. I base it on my mood.

Do you use an alarm or a specific app to help you wake up?

I typically use the standard iPhone alarm clock. Though, The Rock’s new app “Rock Clock” is becoming a favorite.

Do you eat breakfast in the morning, if so, what do you typically have?

Yes. I typically have a bagel or English muffin with peanut butter and a piece of fruit – normally a banana.
I ALWAYS have a cup of coffee. If I don’t go to Starbucks, I enjoy the Folgers Caramel Drizzle K-Cups.

What is the first drink you have in the morning, and at what time?

I have water around 6 AM. If I don’t go to Starbucks, I enjoy the Folgers Carmel Drizzle K-Cups. I have my coffee between 8:30 AM and 9:15 AM.

Do you exercise in the morning and/or meditate in the morning?

No, I prefer the evening for exercise.

How soon after waking up do you check your phone? [Check/send emails, social media]

I check my phone during my commute as I ride public transportation. This typically occurs between 7:15 AM and 7:45 AM.


What are the most important tasks you complete in the morning? 

The first thing I do every morning when I get to my office is make an action list for the day,
organizing my priorities from most important to “this can wait”.
Most times my morning priorities include reviewing reports and replying to emails.

What is your bedtime routine?

My bedtime routine is so sporadic. The only constant for me is that I have a cup of tea – either peppermint or chamomile.
After really intense days, I’ll search for a relaxing Yoga video on YouTube and do that before bed to calm my nerves.

Are you able to keep the same routine when you’re traveling or in a different environment?

I wish! I have the hardest time sleeping when I travel.
I carry sleepytime tea and lavender linen spray with me when I stay in hotels.
My morning routine is easier to commit to though on travel.

Do you stick to your routine on the weekends or do you tweak it?

It’s relatively the same. I’m active in my community so I also have early morning calls of duty over the weekend.

Do you see a change in your day if you forget/don’t to follow your morning routine?

Absolutely. If I wake up late and rush through my routine, my entire day is thrown off.
I feel frazzled.


What project(s) are you currently working on which adds value to your life?

I’m working on growing my blog, I’m incorporating new elements to reach a broader range of readers. Though it’s a lot of work, it’s passion driven work. It seems that I get an email or direct message from a reader who has benefited from my articles right when it starts to get overwhelming. It reminds me of my ‘why.’


Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA is the Chief Bombshell Officer of The KSM Group, a boutique consulting firm that provides brand strategy and career transition services. Kyshira has previous experience within the financial services industry and human resources. She is also the creator of #HERmovement, a lifestyle brand created for the busy bombshells of the world. #HERmovement consists of blogs, videos, e-books and more, centered on the topics of careers and personal branding.

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