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For the most part, my routine is very simple so it’s easy to implement in any situation.

Quickly describe your morning routine.
I wake up around 9/10, make my bed, stretch if needed, and have my first cup of green tea for the day.

How often do you change your morning routine?
Not often. If I have to wake up earlier than normal to be somewhere, then I may not have my tea,
but I really don’t like not having tea, so I’ll try to bring it with me if necessary.

Do you use an alarm or a specific app to help you wake up?
I use the alarm on my phone. Often I wake up before it goes off.
I have it set to a soothing ringtone, so I wake up gradually and peacefully, and not irritated.

Do you eat breakfast in the morning, if so, what do you typically have?
Yes, I need to eat something even if it’s small.
I eat at least 30 minutes after waking and after I’ve had my first cup of tea.
I like dry cereal, toast, eggs, oatmeal, fruit.
Maybe once or twice a week, I will have a large breakfast with pancake and some type of meat.

What is the first drink you have in the morning, and at what time?
I have my Green tea within 30 minutes of waking up. I drink it plain with no sugar or honey.

Do you exercise in the morning and/or meditate in the morning?
I don’t really exercise, but I do stretch if I’m feeling tight or need a boost of energy.
A few times a week, I will do a short meditation, journal writing, and/or use my divination cards while having my tea.
It all depends on how I’m feeling.

How soon after waking up do you check your phone? [Check/send emails, social media]
My alarm is on my phone so I always take a cursory glance.
I set my phone to extreme power saving mode at night, so I don’t get any app notifications,
except texts or calls, until I remove that.
My goal is to get through my tea before checking notifications, but I’m not always successful.

What are the most important tasks you complete in the morning?
Having my tea is the most important part of my morning
because it helps me get into the right mindset for the rest of the day.


What is your bedtime routine?
Make my to-do list for the next day, watch some YouTube videos, and read a chapter of the current book I’m reading.

Are you able to keep the same routine when you’re traveling or in a different environment?

For the most part, my routine is very simple so it’s easy to implement in any situation.
Sometimes, I will pack tea bags to make sure I don’t miss my tea.

Do you stick to your routine on the weekends or do you tweak it?
I may stay in the bed longer on the weekends, but the routine is still the same once I get up.

Do you see a change in your day if you forget/don’t to follow your morning routine?
Yes. Even though my routine is very simple, when I don’t follow it, it can throw my day off.

Yolanda is a minimalist [1/2 Founder of Black Minimalist], creative, entrepreneur, and carefree and magical black girl. She work as an afterschool coordinator, life coach, and jewelry designer. 

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