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But as I matured, I’ve learned to reset and not be as hard on myself.

Quickly describe your morning routine.
I wake up at 4:30 am (M,T,F)/ 3:30 am (T-TR);
I read the bible;
I write 500 words for my book;
T,TR,F- Workout from 6-7 am, and other days I run 5 miles;
I do my most important task from 7:30-8 am;
From 8-9 am, I shower / Listen to ET the Hip Hop Preacher [Go to Work];
I only work off my Thrive List, which I created the night before or in the morning after I read the bible.

How often do you change your morning routine?
I don’t change my routine outside of Sunday. Sunday is church day!

Do you use an alarm or a specific app to help you wake up?
I just use the regular iPhone Alarm.

Do you eat breakfast in the morning, if so, what do you typically have?
I eat the same breakfast, which includes 4-5 eggs, 5 sausage links, Water, Grapefruit or orange.

What is the first drink you have in the morning, and at what time?
The first drink I have in the morning is water around 8 am.

Do you exercise in the morning and/or meditate in the morning?
I exercise 5 days a week but I currently don’t meditate.

How soon after waking up do you check your phone? [Check/send emails, social media]
I check my phone after I read the bible, and finish writing my 500 words.

What are the most important tasks you complete in the morning?
My most important tasks are reading my Bible, writing 500 words, and completing thrive list.

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What is your bedtime routine?
I just make sure I am bed at 9:30pm. 10pm at the latest.

Are you able to keep the same routine when you’re traveling or in a different environment?
Yep, I am able to keep the same routine. It doesn’t change unless I have an extreme situation.

Do you stick to your routine on the weekends or do you tweak it?
I tweak it on the weekends but I make sure I wake up no later then 6:30 am.

Do you see a change in your day if you forget/don’t to follow your morning routine?
When I don’t follow through with my routine, I feel behind. I feel Average. But as I matured, I’ve learned to reset and not be as hard on myself.

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Greg is a motivational speaker, author, podcaster, blogger, and most importantly a Culture Change Agent. He puts all his time, energy, and effort to motivate students and young adults to realize their true genius and live life without limits.

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